California Trace PLUS Powder

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California Trace PLUS contains a natural yeast culture, enhanced levels of vitamins, trace minerals, and amino acids. Formulated for horses with poor hoof quality, in training or under stress. Great for horses recovering from laminitis, senior horses, and broodmares.

This product is powder. It is also available pelleted.

****Please note that the color of this product can be lighter or darker.  This is due to the yeast.****

Daily serving size is 2 ounces per 500 lbs. body weight.

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This product is will be shipped via UPS or USPS (at our discretion) inside the continental United States. Shipments to Alaska and Hawaii are shipped via USPS Flat Rate Boxes.

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10lb bag – 40 days, 20lb box (AK & HI)- 80 days, 20lb bag – 80 days, 40lb bag – 160 days

3 reviews for California Trace PLUS Powder

  1. Elle H. (verified owner)

    This product will simplify your life and improve your horse’s health. I moved off of grain to onto only this and the rest is forage. My horses ate this fine after a 2-3 day adjustment period. One is very picky, the other will eat a shoe. Huge improvement in hoof health in a Cushings horse with previous mild laminitis, in approx 30 days I noticed significant frog growth. Her hooves continue to improve.
    My blue roan mare who is mostly black, used to sunbleach brown by July, now she remains jet black. This is weird but it smells like overripe bananas to me.

    I first tried California trace regular, with good results. However, trace plus seems to be more effective for my needs and is well worth the cost.

  2. Elizabeth Shaw Montgomery (verified owner)

    After just 2 months on CaTrace+, our small farm of 4 dappled for the first time, with beautiful, shinny coats and after approx 6-8 months, hoof growth showed incredible improvement!

  3. Christine Wheeler (verified owner)

    California Trace Minerals Plus has proved to be the game changer for our 20 plus mare. Our mare has been on them for soon to be 4 months. Struggling to grow a healthy frog in all 4 hooves due to a very active case of thrush, so many exterior tries to help clear this up ended up failures. It was when I was directed to a Facebook hoof care group that I learned that thrush was an autoimmune symptom (internal causes which can proliferate with external causes) and diet/nutrition was key to irradicating this sometimes debilitating disease. Getting her immune system fighting back was key. She is on a no sugar oats diet, very small amount, good forage and California Trace…GONE is the thrush that left her heal open to all sorts of ciaos, NOW healthy frog growing and NO gapping cracks in heels!!!! Horse foot-sore gone!! Walking like a horse should. The minerals, plus diet, rest we won the battle. Side effects too of using this mineral/vitamin an incredible shiny coat, I thought because she was a roan she was meant to have a dull coat, but OH NO! her coat is unbelievable, even shows hidden dapples that we were unaware of. ON THE FENCE ABOUT GETTING CALIFORNIA TRACE MINERALS PLUS JUMP IN THE RING AND SEE THE DIFFERENCE. Your horse(s) will trust you even more!

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