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California Trace PLUS contains a natural yeast culture, enhanced levels of vitamins, trace minerals, and amino acids. Formulated for horses with poor hoof quality, in training or under stress. Great for horses recovering from laminitis, senior horses, and broodmares.

This product is pelleted. It is also available as a powder.

Daily serving size is 2 ounces per 500 lbs. body weight.

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This product is will be shipped via UPS or USPS (at our discretion) inside the continental United States. Shipments to Alaska and Hawaii are shipped via USPS Flat Rate Boxes.

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10lb bag – 40 days, 20lb box (AK&HI) – 80 days, 20lb bag – 80 days, 40lb bag – 160 days, 25lb – 100 days, 50lb – 200 days

8 reviews for California Trace PLUS Pellets

  1. Katie Kuhn (verified owner)

    I switched from a mineral I had been using for two years. It was a hard switch but my horses just kept having weird things come up that I kept thinking is not normal. I’ve been on this supplement for over 6 months now and I will never go back. My horses look and feel amazing. I now have all my horses in my barn on it as well as all my boarders! Lots have switched off grain and everyone looks healthier and acts happier! Everyone is so greatful with the results!

  2. kavito (verified owner)

    Best supplement I’ve ever used on my horses. Their coats look amazing, and their energy level and overall health is very stable.

  3. Kelly Wheeles (verified owner)

    Recommended to me by a trainer and I began using on both my horses. They did not have problems to begin with, but I used it for “insurance” for their overall wellbeing along with added magnesium (also from the makers of California Trace). About 4 weeks ago, one of my horses had a terrible injury with deep penetrating wounds to her stifle and axillary area on her right side. I truly believed it would take 2 months to heal into surface wounds because they were so deep. At 4 weeks, we are already there. I believe the good nutrition (healing from the inside out) provided by Trace Plus provided the basis for a much quicker healing and recovery time than even the vet anticipated.

  4. Jo

    Based on what I’d heard, I was a bit worried that my horses wouldn’t consume CA Trace Plus pellets, so while all four of them were around the hay bale, I gave them each a handful. Three of them badgered me for more. The other one ate it but wasn’t super enthused about it. I put 1/4 scoop on her feed that evening, and she at it all. I’ll bump them all to the full serving over the next few days.

  5. Joy V (verified owner)

    My gelding loves the CA Trace Plus. He really gobbles it up. I had mentioned in a previous review that my orders didn’t seem to be lasting a full 10 days. Jennifer from the company immediately reached out to me to see what could be the problem and to offer to weigh my next order as well as send some extra samples. I told her not to waste samples on me but save them for the potential new customers.

    I received my order the next day (which is today) and she did send me some extra samples anyway, which I think goes way above & beyond in excellent customer service. Further, she weighed the bag and put a sticky on to let me know.

    I’m not sure why the last bag did not stretch the whole 40 days, and I am thinking I have to assume “operator error”, maybe I didn’t have level scoops, not sure. But I can’t say enough about the integrity of this awesome company.

    Highly recommend the product and these wonderful people running the company. Thank you again Jennifer & CA Trace. <3

  6. Leah (verified owner)

    Best hoof supplement out there for hoof health. Both of my horses have been on for 2 months and I’ve noticed great improvements in hoof and frog growth, mane and tail growth, and sole depth. Both can now go on gravel with no sensitivity barefoot. Even in a very wet and muddy Washington winter I am seeing thrush go from 6 out of 8 hooves to 1 out of 8 hooves!

  7. Ela (verified owner)

    I have two navicular horses and one with laminitis . I switched them from grain to timothy hay pallets and cal trace plus and their hooves improved a lot. They feel great with lots of energy. Im very satisfied.

  8. K Genter

    We have fed both of our draft horses hay and Cal Trace +, all year long in Alaska. They are extremely happy and healthy boys who work hard and love to play hard too. Highly recommend this product and the company for it’s truly professional customer service. Thanks for building a life long relationship.

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