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California Trace is a concentrated trace mineral supplement formulated for all equines. This product is pelleted. It is also available as a powder.

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10lb bag – 80 days, 20lb box (AK&HI) – 160 days, 20lb bag – 160 days, 40lb bag – 320 days


80 days, 160 days, 320 Days


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12 reviews for California Trace Pellets

  1. Karen (verified owner)

    This product has worked wonders for our horses. An older rescue horse with contracted heels from thrush recovered quickly after I changed him to California Trace minerals. Farrier is impressed with how healthy the horses’ hooves are. Coats are also very shiny.

  2. L R Kelly (verified owner)

    I have been feeding this to my thoroughbred mare for about nine months now and it is quite obvious that a better quality and much improved hoof is growing down. Even my Farrier is impressed and he has recommended it to some of his other clients.

  3. Robin deBry (verified owner)

    Nov 2020: California Trace Pellets (CTP) has done wonders for a draft horse that kept getting abscess after abscess. In the 3 months since starting him on CTP, no abscesses… we’ll keep him on it throughout winter and watch to see if the annual spring abscess to appear. We’re hoping that they won’t. Fingers crossed.

  4. Jade Stanfield (verified owner)

    This product was recommended to me by a Facebook group focused on hoof health and the overall correlation with diet. Balancing the copper and zinc to cancel out an overload of iron is important in maintaining healthy horses with less thrush, white line disease and abscesses. I added this supplement to Timothy pellets to replace higher sugar levels that were in my horse’s ration balancer. It’s been about three months now and I’m seeing positive results. The white line disease and persistent thrush are healing. My horse is not picky by nature but finds these pellets palatable. I am located in the middle tennessee area where it is hot and humid in the summers and soggy, chilly in the winters. Diet aside, our environment is great for thrush. I look forward to my second 3 months and even more improvements being seen in my horse’s hooves.

  5. Katy Nichoalds

    I’ve used CA Trace for about two years. My horses have responded well. I have one with Cushings, a very skinny TB and a faded orange black horse. All have shown marked changes in their demeanor. The faded orange QH is now 80% black, the Cushings horse is just easier to manage— he is barefoot and can be ridden even after the founder!
    I will not go without this and have recommended it to others.

  6. Amber

    Love this stuff! Been using it for over a year now. Initially used because I had a new mare with VERY sensitive skin (irritated to the point of bleeding if anything disturbed it and coat looked broken and dull along with poor hoof quality) and I thought the biotin/copper/zinc supplement might help her. Well, it did. Within a couple months her coat had turned gorgeous (it was shedding time when I started giving her the supplement) and the sensitivity issues were gone. Her entire hoof grew out and was replaced in 4 months with awesome new growth.

    I’d also put 2 mini donkeys on the supplement at the same time since I figured I might as well if I was already giving it to the new mare and let me tell you… I’ve never seen such pretty donkeys in my life. Normally they grow pretty coarse hair and they tend to be rather itchy all summer. After a few months, they had SUPER soft, shiny hair and the itching went away. Their hooves also came along nicely (though they’d already been on a biotin supplement previously so they already had decent hooves). They’ve all been on this supplement for about a year now and they look great. I’ve got 2 more horses on it now and they’re all showing better horn growth and coat improvement.

  7. ROSE MILLER (verified owner)

    Started a rescue 30 year old 16 hand molly mule on it recommended by my new farrier. Mule had white line and very sensitive hoof soles. Supposedly had to be kept shod, which I did, and that exacerbated the white line disease. Now her hoof is nearly all grown out from the extensive trim for white line, and she can go barefoot in the paddock. We can also ride her lightly, and use boots. Her previously dull coat is now awesome and black! Love this stuff. Also put our other 2 mules on it just “because.” Highly recommend.

  8. Stephanie Franck (verified owner)

    Absolutely AMAZING product!!! I have a 13 year old MFT mare that had a foundered foot and chronic laminitis. Within 3 weeks of using this product she got a beautiful color in her soles and after 3 months her hooves are now strong with no signs of laminitis. The farrier was amazed by the results! Will absolutely keep using for the rest of her life.

  9. Jason Stark (verified owner)

    Feeding CA Trace to my 6 horses. At first I was skeptical of results others were claiming to have had. I must admit I am impressed, I am a farrier and have noticed much better horn quality, my mules WLD has healed. I also have a 30 yr old cushing horse. She has suffered from anhidrosis the past 5 years. Just recently she has begun sweating again, not just a little bit, her entire body, I am very impressed and will continue with this product…

  10. Darrell W Mullis (verified owner)

    We have been using the California Trace pellets for several years now. Our farrier said, ” I don’t know what you’re using, but keep doing what you’re doing”. Their hooves are in great shape. We told him about California Trace, now he’s recommending it to his clients.

  11. Kerry (verified owner)

    My mare had horrible feet when I got her 3yrs ago. She could not hold a shoe, as her feet would crumble. I tried other hoof supplements, but not until California Trace Pellets did her feet finally start to grow solid. She now holds onto her shoes and looks great. Thank you so much!

  12. Lisa Duntley (verified owner)

    I tried a less expensive option that my mare would eat, but when it got down to the powder that is inevitably in every package, she refused to finish her bowl. I switched back to CA Trace pellets and now she is back to licking her bowl clean and her dapples are coming back. She is always barefoot (Mustang), so am happy she is looking great and enjoying her supplement again.

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