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Sally Hugg is a hoof care professional and the developer of California Trace products. Hoof care background: AANHCP (2006 – 2007). Founding member of Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners (2007-present). Operated a full time hoof care practice in N. California 2006 – 2012, focusing on balanced nutrition as the cornerstone for building healthy hooves.

Studies: Dr. Kellon’s online courses “NRC Plus”, “Nutrition for the Performance Horse”, and “Nutrition as Therapy”. With over 35 years of experience as a horse owner and rider, Sally takes a special interest in the health and wellbeing of horses. She teaches a popular one day class about equine nutrition for horse owners and hoof care professionals called “Between the Twines”, based on the NRC publication “Nutrient Requirements of Horses”. In her free time, she enjoys riding on her two Thoroughbred geldings.

Which California Trace
Product is Right for My Horse?


Our California Trace original formula is perfect for pleasure horses on forage based diets. The balanced trace minerals, biotin, essential amino acids and vitamins compliment all types of hay and pasture. California Trace supports healthy hoof growth, beautiful coats and improved immunity. It is cost effective and easy to use for everyday feeding.

California Trace PLUS is the ideal product for horses in training and competition. Enhanced levels of trace minerals, vitamin E, and essential amino acids promote a lustrous coat, healthy hooves that hold up to the demands of training, and a strong immune system. The natural live yeast culture supports the growth of healthy gut bacteria and reduces the digestive disturbances associated with stress, training, and high performance activities. No iron is added to any California Trace product.

Bulk Minerals

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the daily serving of California Trace and California Trace PLUS?
  • 1 scoop per day per 500 lb. horse
  • 2 scoops per day per 1000 lb. horse
  • 1 scoop per day to ponies and yearlings
  • 1/2 scoop per day to adult miniature horses
How long will 10 lbs. of California Trace last my horse?

Approximately 80 days for an average-sized horse.

My horse is picky about supplements. How do I get him to eat it?

Start with just a few pellets mixed with your horse’s favorite food and increase gradually until the horse is eating the full dose.

What is the shelf life of the product?

6 months from time of purchase it store in a cool, dry place. It is recommended that the product be stored indoors during hot or humid weather.

Can I feed California Trace products as free choice?

No. Please follow the instructions on the bag.

Can I feed California Trace products to my other animals?

California Trace and California Trace PLUS are formulated only for equines and may be harmful to other animals.


  • [...] My hoof trimmer suggested California Trace a few years ago and this horse’s feet have been so much better. I feed the pelleted and he has no problem with eating it. Not sure whether we need to supplement magnesium here but I plan to look into it. Highly recommend California Trace.

    Paula Leavitt
    Paula Leavitt
  • Love Cal Trace! I feed it to three horses and a donkey. My guys will only eat the pelleted version--the powdered version is pretty strong. I feed it with 2 tbsp mag ox, 1 tbsp iodized salt, and a cup of whole flax.

    Delanee Bourland
    Delanee Bourland
  • Just started her on CA Trace a couple of weeks ago, pellets, and she licks her bowl clean. Honestly, I believe it’s not that product is better than the other...I think she didn’t like the powder form. In fact, when I opened the bag of CA Trace, I thought to myself, No way she will eat this...it stinks”. But she does eat CA Trace pellets.

    Sherry Colwell Bohne
    Sherry Colwell Bohne
  • This is Perignon's first time back in the FEI ring since his injury... California Trace brought his body back so quickly, I'm thrilled with the results! Thank you Sally and California Trace for your continued support; we couldn't do it without you.

    S. D.
    S. D.
  • I am writing to thank you and to tell you how much California Trace has improved my horses hooves. I have been giving Mocha, my Arabian gelding, California Trace minerals for a month and a half, and his white line separation has almost entirely vanished! My farrier commented on the improvement after just three weeks on the supplement. He has cared for this horse’s hooves for more than 13 years, and was amazed at the change. I am a skeptic by nature, and am totally a believer now! I am thrilled with the improvement, and plan to keep Mocha on California Trace. Mocha is 15 years old, and a great trail horse, and I want to keep him well so we can ride trails for MANY more years. Thank you for helping us be able to do this together!

    LIsa Gallet
    LIsa Gallet

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