Unlock the Potential of Your Horse’s Total Health

Hoof and skin problems decrease over time while feeding California Trace



Sally Hugg is a hoof care professional and the developer of California Trace products. Hoof care background: AANHCP (2006 – 2007). Founding member of Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners (2007-present). Operated a full time hoof care practice in N. California 2006 – 2012, focusing on balanced nutrition as the cornerstone for building healthy hooves.

Studies: Dr. Kellon’s online courses “NRC Plus”, “Nutrition for the Performance Horse”, and “Nutrition as Therapy”. With over 35 years of experience as a horse owner and rider, Sally takes a special interest in the health and wellbeing of horses. She teaches a popular one day class about equine nutrition for horse owners and hoof care professionals called “Between the Twines”, based on the NRC publication “Nutrient Requirements of Horses”. In her free time, she enjoys riding on her two Thoroughbred geldings.

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Our product is a concentrated trace mineral supplement designed for all equines. In addition to the balanced trace minerals, each serving supplies biotin, vitamin A, vitamin E, lysine and methionine. This economical pelleted product has been formulated to save horse owners time and money. Simply mix with your horse’s grain or a small amount of moistened beet pulp or hay pellets. California Trace supports optimal hoof growth and healthy coats that resist sun bleaching.

A common comment from customers after just a few months of feeding California Trace is that their horses seem to “glow.” Hoof and skin problems decrease over time while feeding California Trace.


Unlock the Natural Potential of Your Horse’s Total Health


Healthy Horses = Healthy Hooves
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